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We believe in providing quality of highest level. The fact that we are in a business which is directly linked to the health and well being of the people makes us more responsible company, and no matter what, no compromises are made. No doubt, life is precious.

Hospital Logistic System

Reduce the possibilitybility of an error during distributionbution

Medical dispenser

Innovative solution on products management

Multifunctional medical cabinet

New approach to patient monitoring

 Our Story

Our Story

Started as a small independent enterprises in early 2012's, but now we are cooperate each other and use our different experience in Tech4Med. The company expand horizons to new markets around the world, providing quality products and the best of services. The present and next year average annual growth rate in export sales will be impressive, we know that.

Our Team

Just as we believe it's important for us to know who you are and how you approach your business, we also believe it's important for you to know who we are and how we approach ours.
Mariusz Szwedo
Mariusz Szwedo
Founder & CEO
Marcin Wilk
Marcin Wilk
Founder & CFO

They work with us

It is with our partners that we are creating the future

The quality of services offered in the field of implementing modern technologies.